Lead Like a Woman: Audacity contains ten compelling stories of bold action by female leaders. Audacity is defined as a willingness to take bold risks. These women share their unique journeys through adversity, chance, and failure. Their remarkable stories reveal the ways in which you can use bold risks to create value and lead you to your next great achievement. Lead Like a Woman: Audacity will help prompt you to examine your actions and inspire you to take those bold risks that ultimately lead to success.


Andrea Heuston
Author, Host of Lead Like a Woman podcast and Founder of Artitudes
Cathey Kuo
Real Estate Broker & Investor, Commercial Real Estate Specialist, Entrepreneur
Christina Geraci
Founder, Attorney, Real Estate Investor, Serial Entrepreneur
Daniella Menachemson
Founder and CEO of Stylenations
Karen Austin
Author, storyteller, writer, and an intentional grief practitioner
Dr. Kristen Kahle
Author and Founder of Navigate HCR
María Inés Morán
Partner and VP of ActionCOACH Iberoamérica
Michèle Hecken
Ex-CEO, Advisor to Top Performers
Stephanie Camarillo
Freedompreneur, Keynote Speaker, and Employee Empowerment Expert
Tim McDiarmid
Chef, Founder and Owner of The Good Kind Hospitality Group