Lead Like a Woman: Tenacious contains 16 engaging stories of relentless courage by female leaders. To be tenacious is to be persistent, stubborn and tough. These authors tell stories of determination in their personal and professional lives with humor, insight, and courage. Strength doesn’t often roar; more often than not strength is quiet persistence, through the tough times. May these stories inspire you to achieve more, be more, and live more tenaciously.


Andrea Heuston
Author, Host of Lead Like a Woman podcast and Founder of Artitudes
Fran Biderman-Gross
Founder & CEO, Advantages | Drive Profit with Purpose Podcast Host | Author
Savana Maxon
Fostering Change via Fractional Leadership & People-Centric Strategies
Leah Diteljan
Executive coach and retreat facilitator
Pam Howland
Employment Lawyer, Litigator, and Counselor, Keynote Speaker
Andrea Herrera
Founder / President at Amazing Edibles
Dr. Kristin Kahle
Founder, Educator, Speaker, Award Winning Author, Best Selling Author
Cathey Kuo
Real Estate Broker & Investor, Commercial Real Estate Specialist, Entrepreneur
Jennifer O’Neal
CEO & Co-Founder of Live Oak Audio Visual Inc
Gail Stouffer
Founder & CEO of Kilnfrog.com and Heattreatnow.com
Suzanne Doyle-Ingram
CEO of Prominence Publishing, Founder of The Expert Author Program
Krisana Puccio
Owner & Administrator of The Pineapple School
Sarah Endline
Sazzy Founder | Harvard Entrepreneur in Residence | Board member | Speaker
Sarah Dray
Founder & CEO of Kilnfrog.com and Heattreatnow.com
Tracy Marlowe
CEO at Creative Noggin
Paola Carranco
Founder & CEO of TalentLab