Lead Like A Woman
Andrea Heuston
Entrepreneur. Influencer. Author.


Andrea Heuston, founder and CEO of Artitudes Design has been in the tech industry for 30 years. Her company, Artitudes Design, is a full-service creative services firm that specializes in providing high level speaking and design support to top executives. Andrea is a respected business leader and entrepreneur who is sought after as a board member and a Keynote speaker.


Recently, she has been contributing to several nonprofit organizations, keynote speaking, and has been a prolific voice on women’s and leadership topics in the workforce—which has given rise to her success as a LinkedIn influencer.


Last year, her article, “Leading Like a Woman” became the 3rd most viewed article on LinkedIn. And more recently she started her own podcast “Lead Like a Woman focusing on empowering women leaders to empower others through topical discussions and interviews with female leaders. She is passionate about helping to close the gender gap for women in business.


For some reason, you found your way to this book. For many reasons—not the least of which is my vision to live in a world full of people responsible for themselves—I’ve found my way to write it. For me, Stronger on the Other Side is about the befores and afters of my life, and how they’ve taught me lessons that created strength in me that I didn’t have before, or hadn’t yet tapped into. What’s on the other side is a place of more acceptance of myself, a celebration of my voice, and the certainty that I own the power to use it all for good. The world is teaching me that my thought and insight matter. People have asked me time and again to write a book. I didn’t see the value in it until now. Now seems to be the perfect time to use my unique life and lessons as a conversation for change and growth in others, however, they experience it. Buy it now on Amazon.com: Stronger on the Other Side

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