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Andrea Heuston
Speaker Coach. Keynote Speaker.
Entrepreneur. Best-Selling Author.

Speaker Coach

Andrea has spent the last 20 years coaching founders, leaders & executives at Fortune 500 companies to build their stage and deliver signature talks that move audiences to take action. Whether a leader’s goal is to build their visibility through public speaking, learn to better command the stage within their own companies or inspire external audiences at large, Andrea’s Speaker Coaching is designed to help leaders build captivated audiences long after the curtain has been drawn on a talk. Those who work with Andrea experience deepened connection with their audience, newfound power in their voices, confidence, clarity—and even joy in public speaking!

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Keynote Speaker

Andrea is a sparkling and prolific voice in leadership. Last year, her LinkedIn article, “Never Apologize for Being a Strong Woman” became one of the Top 10 most-read articles on the internet. As her viral catalyst, Andrea founded the Lead like a Woman movement and podcast.

Her mission? To help 1 million women take center stage & own their power in the theater of their lives.

A sought-after Keynote Speaker, Andrea has given talks to audiences of entrepreneurs, executive leaders and women from across the globe on topics ranging from how to find joy in public speaking to gratitude to finding one’s voice & owning one’s stage.


Andrea has been loudly disrupting the tech industry for 30 years. She is the founder and CEO of Artitudes, a full-service creative communications firm specializing in providing high-level speaking and presentation design support to top-level executives.

She has worked with major brands across the US & internationally including Amazon, Starbucks, Intel, Cisco, HP, the Seattle Seahawks and many others. Her voice has echoed in media outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, Thrive Global, and beyond.

Andrea is a lifelong entrepreneur, veteran member-leader of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and Board member. She lives (and thrives) through the daily rollercoaster of entrepreneurial life – and wouldn’t have it any other way.

30 years in, Andrea remains unwaveringly committed to helping entrepreneurs and leaders own their stage and inspire audiences.

Podcast Host

More than “just another podcast,” Andrea’s “Lead Like a Woman” has become a movement. With 100+ episodes, a 4.9-star rating, and an exponentially-growing global audience, Andrea spotlights top women leaders with one clear goal: to mobilize modern feminism across the globe.

Her podcast is designed for women and men alike who want to see behind the curtain of the trials, tribulations, and lives of the world’s most inspiring and iconic women leaders.

With every episode, Andrea lives her purpose: to subvert the expectations of the leading woman’s role, to reclaim a stage for women, and help women across the globe find power in their voices.


Andrea is a 2-time #1 best-selling Author.

Her first book, Stronger on the Other Side: The Power to Choose, is about the befores and afters of Andrea’s life. After sinking so low she contemplated ending her life, she takes you along the story of how she rebuilt her life, rising from the ashes and finding power in her voice.

From watching her home burn down before her eyes to a complex childhood that saw her grapple with the role of a woman which society and her family urged her to play, each barrier on Andrea’s journey brought growth – and her voice got louder in the process.

If you’ve experienced doubt, trauma, grief, or simply find yourself in a complex moment of transition, Andrea’s story will move you – and will help you contemplate your own journey to achieving strength on the other side of hardship.

Ten powerful tales from women who learned leadership lessons the hard way! The remarkable stories in Lead Like a Woman: Tales from the Trenches reveal the ways in which failure can become a steppingstone to your next great achievement. Every woman’s journey is unique, and each of us must forge our own path, but the stories in Lead Like a Woman: Tales from the Trenches will remind you that you’re not alone and inspire you to turn failure into focus, vexation into victory, and self-defeat into soaring success.

Lead Like a Woman: Audacity contains ten compelling stories of bold action by female leaders. Audacity is defined as a willingness to take bold risks. These women share their unique journeys through adversity, chance, and failure. Their remarkable stories reveal the ways in which you can use bold risks to create value and lead you to your next great achievement. Lead Like a Woman: Audacity will help prompt you to examine your actions and inspire you to take those bold risks that ultimately lead to success.

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